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Cancellation and Make-Up Policies

AramArt reserves the right to cancel classes with insufficient enrollment. Classes will be cancelled, and notifications to students will be made one day prior to the start of the class. Full refunds or credits will be given when AramArt cancels a class due to low enrollment.
Individuals who miss class do so at their own loss.
Students in classes meeting off-site will be contacted directly by their instructor or a AramArt staff member. When faculty or AramArt staff has cancelled a class (for any reason), classes will be made up during the make-up week, which typically runs the week after a session ends. If no make-up week is scheduled, the faculty will choose a mutually agreeable make-up date with students.


I agree to the fullest extent to be responsible for any medical bills which may incur resulting from illness or injury during me or my child's participation in art classes. I also understand and agree that I am expected to carry my own accident and medical insurance. I release the instructor of the art classes from any and all liability and/or claims or damages arising out of personal injury of any kind. If necessary, I authorize the art instructor of AramArt classes to administer first air an/or authorize medical treatment for me or my child.

Photo Release

I grant the AramArt Institute permission to use any pictures taken in public view of myself individually, or any in which I appear in whole or in part.I understand that these pictures may be reproduced in print and electronic media specifically to promote the AramArt and any of its programs. I waive any right to inspect or approve said pictures, or any captions or accompanying texts that may be used in connection with them, or to approve the use to which said material may be applied.